GA 1970

1970 - Edmonton

May 15 - 18

  • Attendance: 95 (based on picture).
  • Ruth Northcott Lecture: John F. Heard
    (Stellar Radial Velocities and Spectroscopic Binaries) [JRASC]
  • Reports:
  • Annual Meeting: JRASC, Vol. 64, pp. 203-4.


  1. Planetariums I Have Known – and Nearly Loved!, Ian McLennan (Unattached)
  2. Hamilton Centre's Eclipse Team and the Eclipse of March 7, 1970, Kenneth Chilton (Hamilton)
  3. The 157-inch Canadian Optical Telescope, G. J. Odgers (Victoria)
  4. Comet Bennett (1969i) – Observations in March and April 1970, D.H. Fallows (Unattached)
  5. Variable Interests, R. Lavery (Ottawa)
  6. Visible Photometry of the Aurora, E. R. Milton (Montreal)
  7. Meteor Observing 1969–1970:
    • Orientation, Objectives and Photography, H. Gilday (Toronto)
    • Systems, Problems, etc., L. Sonstenes (Toronto)
    • Results, R. Simon (Toronto)
  8. Lunar Organic Matter: Pre-Biotic Evolution?, G. W. Hodgson (Calgary)
  9. Developments in the Field of Observing and Reduction of Lunar Occultations, J. Howell (Calgary)
  10. Photoelectric Observations of Lunar Occultations, Burke et al (Edmonton)
  11. A Home-Built Basement Planetarium, J.B. Gould (Winnipeg) JRASC

Documents and Images for This GA