GA 1972

1972 - Victoria & Vancouver

May 19 - 22


  1. An Experiment to Determine Spacing and Direction of Travel of Shadow Bands at the Total Eclipse of the Sun, July 1972, B.F. Shinn (Winnipeg)
  2. A Large Amateur Observatory for the London Area, J.L. Livingstone (London)
  3. An Investigation into Meteor Rates and Shower Classifications – a Problem of Statistical Reduction and Interpretation, Ken Hewitt-White (Ottawa)
  4. A Note on the History of Gravitational Theory and its Observational Verification, C. Muses (USA)
  5. Amateur Astronomers Assist the Apollo Missions, F. John Howell (Calgary)
  6. In Praise of an 8-inch F/7 Newtonian, Peter Andreae (London)
  7. The Astronet – Rapid International Interchange of Astronomical Data by Amateur Radio, Donovan Fallows (Vancouver)
  8. Time and Its Measurement in Fredericton, J.E. Kennedy (Saskatoon)
  9. Observations of Quasi-Stellar Sources with the Ottawa Centre 16-inch Telescope, Rick Lavery (Ottawa)

Documents and Images for This GA