GA 1973

1973 - Ottawa

May 25 - 27


  1. Colour Astrophotography on a Small Budget, G.R. Winder (Niagara)
  2. Al-Biruni: 793–1048, A. Vibert Douglas (Kingston)
  3. Astronomy’s Neglected Child: The Long-Focus Refractor, Richard Berry (Toronto)
  4. The 20.5-inch Buchroeder Catadioptric Telescope of the Montreal Centre, R.A.S.C., John Allcock (Montreal)
  5. Astronomy at the Summer Camp at Port au Saumon, P.Q., Roger Gagnon, Centre d’Astronomie de Montreal.
  6. Activities at North Mountain Observatory, F.P. Lossing (Ottawa)
  7. Highlights of Astronomy Club Day, Andreas Gada (Toronto)
  8. An Orrery in Use in Canada Since 1835, Rolland Noël de Tilly, Centre d’Astronomie de Montreal.
  9. Mars, the Old View and the New Concept, a Contrast, Peter M. Millman (Ottawa)
  10. An Easy Graph for the Figure of a Telescope Mirror, Peter Andreae (London)
  11. Observations of Sunspot Motions and Related Phenomena, 1972, Rob Pike (Toronto)
  12. Construction of a Ritchey-Chretien Telescope, Hery Coïa, Centre d’Astronomie de Montreal.
  13. The Ottawa River Solar Observatory, V. Gaizauskas (Ottawa)

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