GA 1974

1974 - Winnipeg

June 28 - July 1


  1. Relationships – Waldmeier Grouping, Solar Flares, Mary Jane Taylor (A.A.V.S.O.)
  2. 2800 MHz Solar Noise Observations for the Major Gradual Rise and Fall Burst of June 15, 1972, A.E. Covington (Ottawa)
  3. A Possible Correlation between Jovian Decametric Bursts and Io Sodium Emission, Nathan Cohen (A.A.V.S.O.)
  4. Observation of the Outer Atmosphere of Saturn, Reed et al (Calgary)
  5. New Elements for Some Eclipsing Binary Stars II, Marvin E. Baldwin (A.A.V.S.O.)
  6. SS Cygni – From Discovery to Present, Mrs. Janet Akyüz Mattei (A.A.V.S.O.)
  7. Eight Cepheids in CAS, Bruce F. Small (A.A.V.S.O.)
  8. Variable Stars as Observed in Infrared and Visual Radiation, Edwin B. Weston (A.A.V.S.O.)
  9. Animated Algol, Michael Mattei (A.A.V.S.O.)
  10. The Suspected Variability of HD 33162, K.E. Chilton (Hamilton)
  11. Newly Revised Catalog of Preliminary Charts, Clinton B. Ford (A.A.V.S.O.)
  12. Inner Sanctum Techniques with Small Telescopes, Ernest H. Mayer (A.A.V.S.O.)
  13. An Amateur Solar Telescope for Direct Observation, Robert Pike (Toronto)
  14. Some Observations of Comet Kohoutek, J.B. Newton (Toronto)
  15. Some Comments on Astronomical Education for the Schools and for the Public, John R. Percy (Toronto)

Documents and Images for This GA