GA 1975

1975 - Halifax

June 27 - 29

  • Chair: Randall Brooks
  • Attendance: Not available
  • Nova Notes, Jul-Aug 1975 (special GA newsletter issue).
  • Papers:
    1. Rotation of the Sun: An Elementary Science Experiment, William Silvert (Halifax)
    2. Image Quality in Amateur Instruments, Robert Pike (Toronto)
    3. Photometry for the Amateur, Paton et al (Halifax)
    4. Where and When Did It Fall? (The Iron Creek Meteorite), F. John Howell (Calgary)
    5. A Suggested Experiment for Colour Astrophotography, Randall C. Brooks (Halifax)
    6. Tides, Tidal Power and Cosmology, Dr. Christopher Garrett (Dalhousie)
    7. Henry Fitz Jr. (1808–1863), Norman Sperling (USA)
    8. Solar Eclipse Expedition of 1860 to Northern Manitoba, J. E. Kennedy (Saskatoon)
    9. The Philately of Nicholas Copernicus, R.M. Cunningham (Halifax)
    10. Goth Hill Radio Observatory, 1948–1971, A.E. Covington (Ottawa)
    11. Astronomical Alignments of the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, Douglas R. Gies (Toronto)
    12. Reincarnation of the 15-inch Equatorial from the Dominion Observatory to National Museum of Science and Technology, Mary W. Grey (Ottawa)
    13. Reanalysis of W Corvi, Walter P. Zukauskas (Halifax)

Documents and Images for This GA