GA 1977

1977 - Toronto ga1997logo.jpg

June 30 - July 3

  • Chair: Ann Scott
  • Attendance: Not available
  • Papers:
    1. Astronomy for Campers: An Approach to Public Education in Astronomy on the Introductory Level, Andreas Gada (Toronto)
    2. The Temiskaming Astronomical Society, Peter R. Ryback (Cobalt ON)
    3. The Endless, Boundless, Stable Universe, Grote Reber (Australia)
    4. Techniques for Deep-Sky Photography, Jack Newton (Toronto)
    5. An Automatic Grinding Machine, Michael P. Edwards (Halifax)
    6. Making a Photographic Star Atlas, Gordon N. Patterson (Saskatoon)
    7. Photoelectric Photometry for Amateurs, Dick et al (Ottawa)
    8. Solid State Photometer, Rolf Meier (Ottawa)
    9. Recovery of the Innisfree, Alberta, Meteorite, Halliday et al
    10. Cracking the Eyepiece Solar Filter Problem, Norman Sperling (Toronto)
    11. The Brightest Variable Stars in Globular Clusters, Hogg et al (DDO)

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