GA 1979

1979 - London ga1979-logo.jpg

May 18 - 21

  • Chair: Peter Jedicke
  • Attendance: 192
  • Ruth Northcott Lecturer: Gerard K. O'Neill (Space Colonization)
  • Papers:
    1. The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope; an Opportunity for Canadian Astronomers, Dr. W.H. Wehlau
    2. The Ottawa Centre’s Radio Telescope, Ken Tapping (Ottawa) NNL
    3. Radio Observations of the February 1979 Solar Eclipse, Ken Tapping (Ottawa) NNL
    4. Nova Cygni 1978, Warren Morrison
    5. Astronomy, Navigation and Nova Scotia in the Eighteenth Century, Randall C. Brooks (Halifax)
    6. Project Zubenelgenubi 1978, Gerald Schieven (London) NNL
    7. The Construction of a Lensless Schmidt Camera, or A Project without an Objective, Michael P. Edwards
    8. Very Small Computers Applied to Astronomy, J. Don Jones
    9. Flamsteed’s Mysterious Star, 3 Cas, Peter Broughton (Toronto)
    10. Exploring Planet Earth, Norman Sperling (USA)
    11. An Astronomy Programme for Young Children, David H. Levy (Kingston)
    12. RASCH Observations of Delta Cephei, Walter Zukauskas (Halifax)

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