GA 1980

1980 - Halifax

June 27 - 30

  • Chair: Randall Brooks.
  • Attendance: 120 (based on list of participants).
  • Joint meeting with CASCA.
  • Nova Notes, Jul-Aug 1980 (special GA newsletter issue)
  • Papers:
    1. Ninety Years of Variable Stars in Globular Clusters, Dr. Helen Hogg (Toronto) JRASC
    2. The Canadian Very Long Baseline Array - A Proposal for a New National Astronomy Facility, Dr. Thomas Legg
    3. Alii-nui, Kuhunas and Menehunas on Mauna Kea, Hawaii - A Candid Glimpse of CFHT by Its Director-to-be, Dr. Rene Raciné
    4. SS433--A New Stellar Phenomenon? Dr. Ernest Seaquist JRASC
    5. 12 other papers (unknown)

Documents and Images for This GA