GA 1981

1981 - Victoria graphic

June 26 - 29

  • Chair: Not available
  • Attendance: Not available
  • Ruth Northcott Lecturer: J.E. Hesser
    (Below the Tip: New Controversies in Globular Cluster Star Research) [JRASC]
  • Papers:
    1. An Observatory Building Project, Leo Enright (Kingston)
    2. The Orion Nebular Variable Stars: A Symphony of Delicacy and Brilliance, David H. Levy (Kingston)
    3. The Effect of Astronomical Influence on Geological Events, Richard Linkletter (USA)
    4. Eye Injuries following the Solar Eclipse of February 1979, Bernt Ralph Chou (Toronto)
    5. A Small Collection of Antique Instruments at the McLaughlin Planetarium, Thomas R. Clarke
    6. An Account of the 6-inch Cooke Refractor in Toronto, Brian Beattie (Toronto)
    7. Cleveland Abbe and Otto Struve, Alan H. Batten (DAO)
    8. Astronomical Installations in Britain – Ancient and Modern, Donovan H. Fallows
    9. Some Activities in Communicating Astronomy at the McLaughlin Planetarium, Thomas R. Clarke
    10. Transporting a 12½ -inch Newtonian Telescope, Ken Hewitt-White (Vancouver)
    11. Driving Ball-Mount Telescopes, Tom Tothill (Vancouver)
    12. Solid-State Imagery for the Amateur, Paul Moffat (Winnipeg)
    13. A Cold Camera for Astrophotography, Jack Newton (Victoria)
    14. Dimensions of Asteroids 216 Kleopatra and 48 Doris from Occulation Timings, Chris Aikman (DAO)
    15. July’s Partial Eclipse of the Moon, Ian McGregor (Toronto)
    16. Editing a Centre Newsletter, Glenn Graham (Halifax)
    17. Economic Considerations for the Future of Optical Astronomy, Peter Jedicke (London)

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