GA 1982

1982 - Saskatoon graphic

May 20 - 23

  • Chair: Not available
  • Attendance: 79 (based on photo)
  • Papers:
    1. Do You See Something! Don’t See? Peter Broughton (Toronto)
    2. The States of Astronomy, Norman Sperling (USA)
    3. Pico, Piton and Other Suspected Sites of L.T.P., Chris Rutkowski (Winnipeg)
    4. On Light Variation of T Coronae Borealis at Minimum Stage, Osao Shigehisa (Japan)
    5. A Supernova in NGC 4490, Jack Newton (Victoria)
    6. Use of a Computer in Astronomy, Don Jones
    7. A Sudden Outburst of Circumferentors in Western Canada, J.E. Kennedy (Saskatoon)
    8. An Introduction to the I.A.P.P.P. and Small Observatory Photometry, Edward P. Majden (Victoria)
    9. A Sturdy Lightweight Photometer, Dupuy et al (Halifax)
    10. An International Professional Amateur Photometric Campaign on Be Stars, John R. Percy (Toronto)
    11. Some Remarks on the Design and Construction of a Solid-State Photometer for Astronomy, Alphonse Tardiff (Quebec)

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