GA 1985

1985 - Edmonton ga1985logo.jpg

June 28 - July 1

  • Chair: Tony Whyte
  • Attendance: 95 (based on photo)
  • Ruth Northcott Lecturer: R.E. Folinsbee
    (Meteorites and their Collectors)
  • Papers:
    1. Erwin Finlay-Freundlich, 1885–1964, A.H. Batten (DAO)
    2. Media Coverage of the Solar Eclipse Expedition of 1860 to Northern Canada, J.E. Kennedy (Saskatoon)
    3. To the Moon, Alice!, C.A. Rutkowski (Winnipeg)
    4. Determination of Sunspot Latitudes, H. van Asperen (Kingston)
    5. A New Cosmological Model of the Universe, R.S. Iyengar
    6. Comet Occultations, P. Broughton (Toronto)
    7. Daytime Observations of Venus at Inferior Conjunction, Fr. L.J. Kemble (Calgary)
    8. The Daytime Fireball of March 2, 1985, Finstad et al
    9. A Textbook Case, N. Sperling (USA)
    10. Free Fall, A Central but often misunderstood Concept in Astronomy, R.L. Bishop (Halifax)
    11. Astronomy Education in Saskatoon Schools, R. Waldron (Saskatoon)
    12. Stargazer, D. Dodge (Vancouver)
    13. The Organization of Satellite Centres, D. Parker
    14. Astronomy Day Activities, M. Grey (Ottawa)
    15. The Origin of the Constellations: A Cosmic Puzzle, I. McGregor (Toronto)
    16. The Heavens in Colour, M. Watson (Toronto)
    17. A Comet Search Program, D.H. Levy (Kingston)


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