GA 1986

1986 - Winnipeg graphic

June 27 - 30

  • Chair: Not available
  • Attendance: Not available
  • Helen Sawyer Hogg Lecturer: Barry Madore
    (The Hubble Space Telescope) [JRASC]
  • Papers:
    1. A Look Back at Comet Halley, Stephen Edberg (JPL)
    2. In the Shadow of Kit Peak, David Levy (LPL)
    3. R.M. Petrie, 1906–1966, Alan Batten
    4. The Astronomical Position Line, Hein van Asperen (Kingston)
    5. Arizona’s New "Eye in the Sky" 2.4m McGraw-Hill Telescope, Paul Delaney
    6. Design of a Microstepping Step Motor Controller for Large Telescopes, Andrew Lawless (Winnipeg)
    7. Forecasting Periods of Geomagnetic Activity Near Solar Minima, Peter Brown
    8. Herschel Activity in Japan, Osao Shigehisa (Japan)
    9. Computer-Generated Starcharts in Amateur Astronomy, Lepieszo et al (Winnipeg)
    10. A Laser Disc System for Astronomical Education, Bochonko et al (Winnipeg)
    11. Historical Research in Astronomy – A Progress Report on the Odell Quadrant, Ed Kennedy (Saskatoon)
    12. Oddities and Enigmas of the Solar System, Martin Clutton-Brock (Winnipeg)/li>
    13. The Use of Astronomical Instruments for Arms Control and Verification Systems, Chris Rutkowski (Winnipeg)
    14. A Conceptual Outline of a New Specific Theory of Relativity, Herb Sellin (Calgary)
    15. South of Capricorn, Michael Watson (Toronto)


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