GA 1987

1987 - Toronto graphic

May 15 - 18

  • Chair: Not available
  • Attendance: Not available
  • Ruth Northcott Lecturer: J. Ingram (The Vinland Map)
  • Group Photo, Full:
  • Papers:
    1. Supernova Shelton 1987A, Dr. Robert Garrison (DDO)
    2. The Age And Distance Of h Persei, James A. Ireland (Toronto)
    3. Analysis Of Visual And Photoelectric Observations Of Rho Cassiopeiae, Mohammed Dattu
    4. The Astrocentre Of The McLaughlin Planetarium: A Look Behind The Scenes, Dr. Thomas Clarke
    5. Adding Astronomy To The Ontario School Science Curriculum, Dr. John R. Percy (Toronto)
    6. ASTRONOMY TORONTO – Astronomy On Cable Television, J. Randy Attwood (Toronto)
    7. The Tercentenary of the PRINCIPIA, Dr. Roy L. Bishop (Halifax)
    8. The Demise of the Polo Park Sundial, Christopher A. Rutkowski (Winnipeg)
    9. The Steen River Astrobleme, Don Hladiuk (Calgary)
    10. Women Of Space, Myra J. Bannman (Winnipeg)
    11. The Science North Solar Observatory, Steve Dodson (Ottawa)
    12. Two Schmidt Cameras For A Group Of Amateurs, Damien Lemay (Quebec)
    13. Explaining The Equation Of Time, J.W. Stewart Marschall (Montreal)
    14. Light Pollution – What Should We Do? Anthony Sosnkowski (Toronto)
    15. The L.V. Powis Observatory Centre, Michael Jefferson (Hamilton)
    16. Experimental Observations Of Turbulence In Aurora, R.S. Iyengar (Unattached)


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