GA 1989

1989 - Cape Breton graphic

June 30 - July 3

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  • Papers:
    1. The 20th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Randy Attwood (Toronto)
    2. The Accuracy of Astronomical Micrometers, Randall C. Brooks (Halifax)
    3. Spectrum-Limiting Filters and the Preservation of Dark Adaptation for Astronomical Observers, Chou et al
    4. Computers, Fibre Optics and3-D Glasses: Introducing the Sky With Science North's Starwall, Steve Dodson
    5. 1988 Mars Observing Program, Cam Fahrner (Calgary)
    6. Ellipsoidal Variables - Some Recent Results, Hube et al
    7. Iron Creek Meteorite #2: Canada’s Heaviest Meteorite Must Be Found, F. John Howell (Victoria)
    8. Astronomy Artwork on the Macintosh II, Douglas Pitcairn (Halifax)
    9. Recruitment of Disabled People into Astronomy, Denise Sabatini (Kingston)
    10. The 1991 Solar Eclipse Expedition, Michael S.F. Watson (Toronto)
    11. The Be Stars, Mary Lou Whitehorne (Halifax)
    12. A Visit to Soviet Observatories/Visit eau Pays de L’Etoile Rouge, Auclair et al
    13. The Marquis de Chabert and the Louisburg Observatory in the 1750’s, Kenneth Donovan


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