GA 1990

1990 - Ottawa

June 29 - July 3

  • Chair: Robert McCallum
  • Attendance: 133 (based on photo)
  • Helen Sawyer Hogg Lecturer: Joseph Veverka
    (Exploring Our Solar System, the Voyager Adventure) [JRASC]
  • Papers:
    1. Computer-Assisted Photometry At The Glenlea Observatory, Chris Brown (Winnipeg)
    2. TOMA – An Idea Whose Time Has Come, Peter Ceravolo (Ottawa)
    3. Centennial Astronomy Week – A Celebration Across Canada, Steve Dodson (Ottawa)
    4. Amateur Astronomy In The Ottawa Area, Doug George (Ottawa)
    5. 3 Vulpeculae: A Bright New Pulsating Variable In A One-Year Binary System, Hube et al
    6. Rare Books On Astronomy, J.E. Kennedy (Saskatoon)
    7. The Origin Of The OB Runaway Stars, Peter J.L. Leonard (UBC)
    8. Reflections On A Society: The RASC As Seen Through Its Centre Newsletters, Ian G. McGregor (Toronto)
    9. Getting The Last Laugh On The Stars, Ian G. McGregor (Toronto)
    10. Solar-Terrestrial Conditions Associated With The Quebec Power Disruption Of March 1989, Richard W. Miller (Unattached)
    11. Schmidt Camera Photography, Paul Mortfield (Ottawa)
    12. The Photometric Variability of P Cygni – A Blue Hypergiant, Percy et al
    13. Preliminary Results From The IRO Radio Interferometer 238 MHz Sky Survey, Frank Roy (Ottawa)
    14. A Study Of General Public Knowledge About Astronomy, Chris Rutkowski (Winnipeg)
    15. Electronic Imaging At Glenlea Observatory, Young et al (Winnipeg)
    16. Aurorae And The Power System, Joe Yuchesyn (Halifax)


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