GA 1992

1992 - Calgary

July 1 - 5

  • Papers:
    1. Astronomy at the South Pole, Steven L. Morris (Calgary)
    2. The Micro Guider, a Digital Setting Circle Device, Dave Lane (Halifax)
    3. CCD Imaging, Jack Newton (Victoria)
    4. Synopsis of the 1992 AAVSO/WGAIT/AAS Workshop on CCD Imaging, James Thomas Himer (Calgary)
    5. Building a Backyard Observatory, Don Hladiuk (Calgary)
    6. Visual Effects of the Mount Pinatubo Volcanic Eruption, Alister Ling (Edmonton)
    7. Stamping out Astronomy, Pat Kelly (Halifax)
    8. Teaching Astronomy to Children, Grace Nelson (Calgary)
    9. Noctilucent Clouds Seen from North America, Lohvinenko et al (Winnipeg)
    10. The Oldman River Observatory: A New Observatory for Alberta, Barry M. Olson (LAS)
    11. The Move to Build a Major Planetarium in Halifax, Pat Kelly (Halifax)
    12. My Twelve Years as a Rank Beginner in Astronomy, ShiLee Adamson (Edmonton)
    13. An Indexpensive Planetary Research Laboratory, Martin Connors (Edmonton)
    14. Impact Crater Floor Tilt and Tectonic Movements on Venus, Martin Connors (Edmonton)
    15. Evolution of Shadow Bands During the Solar Eclipse of 1991 July 11, Robert S. Dick (Ottawa)
    16. The Great Eclipse of 1991 July 11, Randy J. Attwood (Toronto)


Documents and Images for This GA