GA 1993

1993 - Halifax graphic

July 2 - 5

  • Chair: Mary Lou Whitehorne
  • Attendance: ~100
  • Ruth Northcott Lecturer: David Levy
    (The Art of Comet Hunting, Part II) [JRASC]
  • Papers:
    1. The Fireballs of February 10, 1993: Cluster or Coincidence?, Hube et al
    2. CCD Colour Imaging, Jack B. Newton (Victoria)
    3. Nova Scotia Planetarium Feasibility Study: Preliminary Results, Mary Lou Whitehorne (Halifax)
    4. Responsible Lighting: Worthy of Praise, Ruth Lewis (Calgary)
    5. Annual Quadrantid Meteors - reports of the 1992/93 Showers, Paul Gray (Halifax)
    6. Monster Telescopes of the 1990s, Alan M. MacRobert (S&T)
    7. Demonstrating Cluster Main-Sequence Fitting to Best Advantage, David G. Turner (Halifax)
    8. The Great 1994 Annular Solar Eclipse, Michael S.F. Watson (Toronto)
    9. The CCDs of Santa Barbara, Scott Young (Winnipeg)
    10. The Earth Centred Universe: A Sky Atlas Computer Program for Amateur Observers, David Lane (Halifax)
    11. Short Ride on a Fast Machine: Some Interesting Resonant Asteroids, Martin Connors (Edmonton)
    12. Rating Binoculars for Astronomy, Roy Bishop (Halifax)
    13. The Irish David and Goliath, F. Graham Millar (Halifax)
    14. Who Really Made the First Telescope? Randall Brooks (Halifax)
    15. Maximum Energy Deconvolution, Doug Geroge (Ottawa)


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