GA 1997


1997 - Kingston

June 27 - July 1

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Papers (with YouTube links):

  1. Sky Science, Don Hladiuk (Calgary)
  2. The Next Transit of Venus in 2004, Michael Watson (Unattached)
  3. Accomplishments in Astronomy: Dr. A.V. Douglas (1894-1988), J.E. Kennedy (Saskatoon)
  4. Observations and Measurements of Mars During 1996-1997, Richard Schmude (Kingston)
  5. Tricolour Astronomical Imaging, Rajiv Gupta (Vancouver)
  6. The Halifax Centre's New "St. Croix Observatory", Dave Lane (Halifax)
  7. Is Anyone Out There?--Looking for Life on Other Worlds, Laura Gagné (Kingston)
  8. Success of a Light Pollution Abatement Program, Rob Dick (Ottawa)
  9. The Origin of Ice Ages, Steve Manders (Kingston)
  10. Examples of Astronomy in the Kingston Area in the Nineteenth Century, Peter Broughton (Toronto)
  11. On to Mars--Why? Phil McCausland (St. John's)
  12. Using a Ten-Step Approach to Measure RASC Performance, Raymond Auclair (Unattached)
  13. The Kuiper Belt: Its Structure and Possible Origins, Martin J. Duncan (Queen's U)
  14. Galaxies: Island Universes or Open Boxes? Judith Irwin (Queen's U)
  15. Shoemaker-Levy 9: Joys, Fears, and Implications, David Levy (L&P Institute)
  16. Universe of the Eye and Mind, Terence Dickinson (SkyNews Editor)
  17. The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, Askel Hallin (Queen's U)


Above: YouTube playlist for the 1997 General Assembly.

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