GA 1998

1998 - Victoria

June 18 - 22

  • Chair: Bill Almond
  • Attendance: Not available
  • Helen Sawyer Hogg Lecturer: Dr. David Crampton
    (Exploring the Frontiers of the Universe with new Eyes) [JRASC]
  • Papers:
    1. Does the Moon Influence Our Weather? Raymond Auclair (Unattached)
    2. Comments on the Distance Scale in our Galaxy, David Turner (Halifax)
    3. The Vancouver Island Fireball of 1996 December 7, Stumpf et al (Victoria)
    4. Formation of the Earth-Moon System: Collision Then Capture? Phil McCausland (St. John's)
    5. The St. John's Planetarium: The Best-Kept Secret, Gary Dymond (St. John's)
    6. Revving Up the Saskatoon Centre for the Next Millenium, Erich Keser (Saskatoon)
    7. Magnetism in Astronomy: A Coloured Oral View, Jacques P. Valée (Toronto)
    8. The Solar System as a Vortex, John Howell (Victoria)
    9. Our Changing Views of the Solar Neighbourhood, Alan H. Batten (Victoria)
    10. Ninety Editions of the Observer's Handbook, Roy Bishop (Halifax)
    11. Astrophotography: The State of the Art, Jack B. Newton (Victoria)


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