Magnetic Observatory
Dec 1, 1868

Clare Esq
Secretary Tr
of Proposed Astronomical Society

I have to acknowledge your circular inviting me to a meeting to be held at the Mechanics Institute for the organising of an Astronomical Society.

After thinking over the matter I have come to the conclusion that instead of forming a separate Society it would be better that those gentlemen whose tastes lead them to astronomical pursuits should become members of the Canadian Institute, at whose meetings and in the pages of whose journals the communication of any new astronomical fact would be sure to meet with a cordial welcome.

If their astronomical discoveries should prove to be sufficiently numerous & important it might become expedient hereafter to form an Astronomical Section of the Canadian Institute, as there already is a Medical Section; or indeed it might be necessary to establish a separate Society; but my fear is that if a Society with such a title were to be started now it would lead to disappointment.

Believe me
Yours truly
G.T. Kingston

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