Harlan Creighton

(1946-2004) An educator and active member of the Toronto Centre. Received the Service Award in 1981.

HARLAN CREIGHTON (1946-2004) joined the Toronto Centre in 1956. He became active in public education and chaired the Public Star Night Committee in 1967. In 1970, he became a Lecturer, and subsequently Curatorial Assistant at the McLaughlin Planetarium and assumed a prominent role in Society affairs. Within the Centre he was a member of Council, Recorder, Editor of 'Scope, and President (1972-73). He helped organize expeditions to observe total solar eclipses. Nationally, he served as Librarian and Recorder and was an important force in the evolution of the National Newsletter, first on the NNL Committee, then as Editor and subsequently as Assistant Editor. His name was on the masthead of the NNL and its successor, the Bulletin, for 20 years. His well-reasoned and strong opinions were felt on many local and national committees. Harlan Creighton received the Service Award in 1981.

Since 1972, when he joined the staff of Seneca College in Toronto, Creighton has been associated with Community Colleges. At Seneca he taught a general education course in Astronomy and established the College's planetarium as an educational facility for both college and community use. In 1977, he moved to The Pas, Manitoba to join the faculty of Keewatin Community College where he taught adult basic education and post-secondary mathematics and science, as well as an evening course in general Astronomy. In 1979 he led an expedition of students, staff and members of the public to observe the total solar eclipse from Arborg, Manitoba. In 1985, Creighton received an award from the College in recognition of teaching excellence and outstanding service. Since then he has been a learning assistance instructor at Wascana Institute of the Sasakatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Regina. He continues to be interested in astronomy and astronomy/science education.

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