Henry Lee

(1920-2004) An longtime active member of the Windsor Centre; received the Service Award in 1984.

HENRY LEE (1920 - ) joined the Windsor Centre in 1947 and in his first year participated in a panel discussion "Is there life on Mars". He soon became Secretary of the Centre, an office which he held for three years, and was subsequently Treasurer for three years, Vice-President for three years and President for four years. He is well known outside the Centre having been Windsor Centre's National Council Representative for over 20 years and the National Recorder from 1988-91. He and his wife, Mamie, are regular delegates at General Assemblies. At the 1984 GA he accepted the Service Award. Since graduating from Wayne University in Detroit, where he studied Electrical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, Henry Lee has worked in industry, becoming Vice-President, Manager and Plant Engineer for his company. As a result of these connections he secured many well-qualified speakers for the Centre. In addition, he himself promoted astronomy through lectures, star nights and displays. His other interests include swimming, Tai Chi and photography.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

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Lee, Henry