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Canadian Astrophotography School at AstroCATS

Many of you have never attended a National GA. The assembly of RASC members from across Canada will take place in London from May 19 to the 23rd. If you love astronomy the way I do, then attending one of these conferences is a absolute mandatory bucket list item. Plus it's only $20 a day to attend, and that price includes Astrocats if you attend on the Saturday or Sunday.

AstroCATS the Canadian Astronomy and Telescope Show, and CAPS Canadian Astrophotography School is a gathering of some of the worlds best Astro imagers and vendors. The workshops being offered are Planetary Imaging, Introduction to Astrophotography, and PixInsight.
Each topic is a unique 2 day workshop held on the Thursday and Friday before Astrocats. You will work hands on, processing images that the instructors will supply. Nowhere else will you ever have an opportunity to receive such close hands on personal instruction from these experts. 
Chris Go will be running the Planetary workshop. He is coming from the Philippines, and his images of Jupiter and Saturn are some of the most beautiful ever taken.http://hamiltonrasc.ca/CAPS/instructors/chris-go/
Richard Wright, is an award winning imager, and instructor having taught many new imagers how to get started.http://hamiltonrasc.ca/CAPS/instructors/richard-wright/
Warren Keller and Ron Brecher, are each masters in processing having won many awards over the years. They will provide experienced imagers with a two day workshop on how to master the best Astrophotography software PixInsight. http://hamiltonrasc.ca/CAPS/instructors/warren-keller/
On the Saturday and Sunday after the show AstroCATS takes place, where you can see and buy all sorts of equipment from telescopes to cameras from one of the many astronomy and telescope vendors 
You can register for the CAPS workshop at the following page http://hamiltonrasc.ca/CAPS/register-original/

If you can't attend be sure to purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of the many door prizes. Last years winners received in excess of $20k in prizes. Just register for a Saturday or Sunday and you will automatically be entered for 10 draw tickets. Even if you can't attend it's a great opportunity to win a great prize. 
Or if you have questions please email me at ablanchard@astrocats.ca

All proceeds go to Hamilton RASC outreach. 


Andy Blanchard



eNews date: 
Monday, May 2, 2016
5 years 1 month ago
2016 Board Election Cancelled

To all Members, regarding the Board of Directors election, the campaign period has ended. As noted previously, there are 3 Director's positions open for election with 4 Candidates standing for election.

Karen Finstad, our dedicated and diligent Secretary, having completed 2 years of her 3 year term, has advised that due to urgent family matters, she cannot complete her term and will be stepping down as of the 2016 General Assembly.

Karen has contributed immensely to the Board, to the National Council and to the Society in General. She has created a sustainable model that her successor can step in to with relative ease, has delineated the Board Secretary's role from that of the National Council, and has offered thoughtful and critical analysis and insight into every Board decision over the past two years. We on the Board will miss her presence and wish her and her family nothing but the best.

If you have the opportunity to do so, please be sure to thank Karen for her hard work on your behalf.

This does of course have an impact on our 2016 Election to the Board. With Karen stepping down, I hereby acclaim all four candidates to the Board and hereby advise all RASC Members that the election is cancelled.

Congratulations to Charles Ennis, Chris Gainor, Craig Levine and Susan Yeo on your appointments. We welcome you to the RASC Board of Directors and on behalf of the entire Membership, thank you in advance for your service to the Society.


Robyn Foret
2nd Vice President
Chair, Nominating Committee
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

eNews date: 
Friday, April 22, 2016
5 years 2 months ago
Dr. Jim Hesser honoured with the NRC Schneider Medal

Dr. Jim Hesser, long-time RASC member and past Honorary President, has been awarded the National Research Council's 2015 W.G. Schneider Medal for his inspiring decades-long contribution to the pursuit of excellence in Canadian government astronomy, both as a productive researcher, and as the Director of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory for nearly three decades (1986-2014). The award also recognizes Jim’s committed advocacy of astronomy as a integral part of our broader cultural life, both here and abroad.

The Society congratulates Jim on his well-merited award!


eNews date: 
Thursday, March 24, 2016
5 years 3 months ago
New headquarters

The Society is moving! But, not far. Our new office entrance is about 15 metres away from the previous door. Same address, and a much larger space. There is a much more spacious area for the archives and library, plus ample room for the boardroom table. It is a great improvement.

eNews date: 
Saturday, March 19, 2016
5 years 3 months ago
President's Corner

President's Corner

What do you get for your membership dollars? We on the Board often hear the complaint from members that the fees are too high (a notion to which I don’t subscribe), or that it’s too expensive to be part of the RASC. And, “What do we do for Centres?” is another query that comes up from time to time. Here’s a way of answering some of those questions, borrowing from a pie chart devised a couple years ago by Colin Haig, one of the Society’s Directors. I’ve updated it a bit, as the numbers continually change, and even these may be inaccurate in the fi ne details, but they give a very good representation of the Big Picture. Based on an annual fee of $75 (yours may be more, and even less), here’s how the dollars break down.

As you can see, a large part of the Regular member fee goes to the Centre to which the member belongs (Unattached members are different, in that their entire fee goes to the Society). Also, much of the remainder goes toward publications and staff salaries. Those top items account for a little more than 83% of the whole. And, all the rest are less than 17%, in ever-decreasing amounts.

It’s interesting that observing, which is the mainstay of an astronomical society, accounts for only 1 cent of a member’s fee. But, that’s because the Society doesn’t buy your equipment—you do. Centre fees account for much of observing dollars, including site insurance, cost of observatory ownership, and all the things that go into running a Centre. Over the years, the Society has arranged for fees to be collected at the national level, which frees up volunteer hours at the Centre level. And, the headache of collecting, accounting for, and managing fees isn’t a headache at all. Oh, joy!

The Society Office staff are the glue that holds us together, and, if you’re in need of a “feel good” moment, give the office a call. I guarantee it’s an experience that’ll make you feel better.

Tell them I said so.

Clear skies!

JRASC Front Cover


One of our members gave his perspective on membership on his blog -- read it here http://garyshelley.blogspot.ca/

His Facebook comments are: Personally, I think we get a very good bang for our buck, no complaints here. I consider joining one of the better decisions I've never regretted.

eNews date: 
Monday, March 14, 2016
5 years 3 months ago


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