Note from Eric Briggs (Toronto Centre):

I feel this is timely bearing in mind the closure of the Canadian Air and Space Museum at that location in late September [2011]. The names on the program for the 26 Oct 1961 symposium (50 years ago yesterday!) reads like a who's who of experts in Canadian aerospace history:

  • Gordon Patterson founded the University of Toronto Institute of Aerodynamics (later UTIAS).
  • Irvine Glass later participated in the rescue of Apollo 13 as a member of UTIAS.
  • P.A. Lapp was systems engineer at the guided missiles division of De Havilland Aircraft. The flyer also mentions the Special Projects Division of De Havilland, which built the Alouette satellite and later the Canadarm (Alouette was built at the Downsview site, Canadarm not.)
  • J.T. Wilson contributed to the theory of plate tectonics and later became the director of the Ontario Science Centre. D.C. Rose later produced the "Rose Report" post-mortem on the Queen Elizabeth 5-meter Telescope program for the Trudeau government.
  • J.F. Heard and D.A. MacRae should need no introduction.