February 2012 Issue Contents / table des matières

Feature Articles / Articles de fond

  • An Eclipse of Our Own by Jay Anderson
  • An Early American Zodiac by Robert S. McIvor
  • Science Marches Quietly Forward at Trent University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy by John Crossen

Columns / Rubriques

  • On Another Wavelength: The Galaxies of Pegasus by David Garner
  • Cosmic Contemplations: The Mod Dob Job and the Rat Dob by Jim Chung
  • Pen and Pixel: M22 / M106 / Valentine Nebula / NGC 7331 by Dalton Wilson / Stef Cancelli and Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn / Stuart Heggie / Stephen McIntyre
  • Astronomical Art and Artifact: A Transit of Venus Dream Unfulfilled: Mungo Turnbull and Sir John A. Macdonald by R.A. Rosenfeld
  • Imager’s Corner: Noise Reduction by Blair MacDonald
  • Second Light: A Type Ia Supernova in M101 Fueled by a Main-Sequence Star by Leslie J. Sage
  • Through My Eyepiece: Observing Mars by Geoff Gaherty

Departments / Départements

  • President’s Corner by Mary Lou Whitehorne
  • News Notes / En Manchette
    • Honorary astrobiology chair created, evolutionary biologist mourned
    • Voyager travelling through new region at Solar System edge
    • Curiosity heading to Mars, veins of mineral found, Canada participates
    • First planet in habitable zone confirmed
    • Mercury mission gets one more year of science
    • Oldest planetarium in Canada closes and awaits new home
  • Society Award Winners at the 2011 General Assembly
  • New Honorary Members of the Society
  • Edmonton Welcomes You! The 2012 GA.
  • Reviews / Critiques
    • Everyone’s Universe, A Guide to Accessible Astronomy Places
  • Society News by James Edgar
  • 2012 Nomination Call by Colin Haig
  • Astrocryptic by Curt Nason
  • It’s Not All Sirius—Cartoon by Ted Dunphy
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