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Was found at Agincourt Ge[o]Magnetic Observatory, Agincourt Ontario in 1968.

The Geomagnetic Observatory was terminated operation because of expansion of the 401, at Midland Ave, just east of Kennedy Rd.

I believe the paper was originated by Jackson who ran the geomagnetic observatory in 1926.

You might contact Miss Douglas or ??? Russell.

C. Hodgson.

A truly stellar constellation of signatures from the astronomical world of the early 1920s. In 1924 August 6-13 the venerable British Association for the Advancement of Science held its 92nd meeting at the University of Toronto in conjunction with the meeting of the International Mathematical Congress, August 11-16. Among the illustrious participants was Arthur Stanley Eddington, who remarked:

I gave my astronomical paper on Wednesday morning. There was a good discussion after it in which [Henry Norris] Russell took the main part. My paper for the mathematical congress was on was a mistake to run the two meetings at the same time...I think the most enjoyable function was an Astronomical lunch on August 13th [at Hart House, University of Toronto]. Only genuine astronomers and their wives were allowed to come but our numbers reached 43. I was sitting between C.A. Chant and H.N. Russell. After lunch we had two or three speeches, ending up with songs and Lancashire stories from Father Cortie [of the Jesuit run Stonyhurst College Observatory].

One of the enterprising guests had the presence of mind to create a souvenir of the event by having all the guests present autograph the back of one of the menu cards. The event is recounted in A. Vibert Douglas' The Life of Arthur Stanley Eddington (London-Edinburgh-Paris-Melbourne-Toronto-New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., 1957), pp. 95-96, and the menu card is reproduced in pl. 8.

-R.A. Rosenfeld


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