These sketches, undated, are attributed in our Archives to Andrew Elvins. They are uncannily similar to observational skecthes by Warren De la Rue from 1856 April 20, as reproduced in Camille Flammarion, La Planète Mars et ses conditions d'habitabilité, synthèse générale de toutes les observations..., vol. I (Paris: Gauthier-Villars et fils, 1892), p. 128, fig. 76, and p. 129, fig. 77. It was not uncommon in the 19th century for observers to hand copy the sketches of other observers in order to learn from them, to have copies at hand for reference, and for showing to and discussing with colleagues. It is likley that is what Elvins (if it was he) was doing here. Sketches by Andrew Elvins, after Warren De la Rue.

Mars 1856