Miller-Brydon Telescope

A 4-inch Wray refractor owned by A.F. Miller, Boyd Brydon, and RASC Victoria Centre (1882–present).

A.F. Miller's 4-inch refractor (manufactured by Wray & Co., London) equatorially mounted, with circles and clockwork. It was later acquired for Boyd Brydon's observatory.


Year Owner Location
1882 A.F. Miller Miller Observatory, 280 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON.
1931 H. Boyd Brydon Brydon Observatory, 2390 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC.
1947 RASC Victoria Centre Brydon Observatory, moved to the grounds of Robert Peters' at Gordon Head.
1965 RASC Victoria Centre Mounted in Climenhaga Observatory on the Elliott Building’s roof at UVic
1973 RASC Victoria Centre Moved into storage inside the Elliott Building at UVic.
2001 RASC Victoria Centre Moved out of storage and displayed at Centre of the Universe's main hall.

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