Many of you have never attended a National GA. The assembly of RASC members from across Canada will take place in London from May 19 to the 23rd. If you love astronomy the way I do, then attending one of these conferences is a absolute mandatory bucket list item. Plus it's only $20 a day to attend, and that price includes Astrocats if you attend on the Saturday or Sunday.

AstroCATS the Canadian Astronomy and Telescope Show, and CAPS Canadian Astrophotography School is a gathering of some of the worlds best Astro imagers and vendors. The workshops being offered are Planetary Imaging, Introduction to Astrophotography, and PixInsight.
Each topic is a unique 2 day workshop held on the Thursday and Friday before Astrocats. You will work hands on, processing images that the instructors will supply. Nowhere else will you ever have an opportunity to receive such close hands on personal instruction from these experts. 
Chris Go will be running the Planetary workshop. He is coming from the Philippines, and his images of Jupiter and Saturn are some of the most beautiful ever taken.
Richard Wright, is an award winning imager, and instructor having taught many new imagers how to get started.
Warren Keller and Ron Brecher, are each masters in processing having won many awards over the years. They will provide experienced imagers with a two day workshop on how to master the best Astrophotography software PixInsight.
On the Saturday and Sunday after the show AstroCATS takes place, where you can see and buy all sorts of equipment from telescopes to cameras from one of the many astronomy and telescope vendors 
You can register for the CAPS workshop at the following page

If you can't attend be sure to purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of the many door prizes. Last years winners received in excess of $20k in prizes. Just register for a Saturday or Sunday and you will automatically be entered for 10 draw tickets. Even if you can't attend it's a great opportunity to win a great prize. 
Or if you have questions please email me at

All proceeds go to Hamilton RASC outreach. 


Andy Blanchard



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Monday, May 2, 2016