As published in the December issue of the Bulletin, the "Deep-Sky Gems" list compiled by David Levy was very recently revised in order to complete its evolution into an RASC observing program with certificate. Now your brand-new Observer's Handbook 2012 is out-of-date, even before the year begins! To correct this and with the author's approval, we revised the DSG Handbook article as we expect it to look in the 2013 edition, and we have made the entire 4 pages available online as a PDF download.

Apart from removing overlap with other certificate lists and replacing those objects with new ones from David's book, the list is now ordered by increasing RA (hence by increasing NGC number--almost), but still grouped by season. The cross-reference table now has RA hour included with season, to make it easier to find a given Levy# in the main list.

While you are browsing that page, look around for other new content that did not make it into the 2012 print edition: a list of Coloured Double Star "extras," a numerically ordered list of Finest NGC Objects, the Glossary, and a couple of articles on The Black Drop Effect. The online supplements page allows us to share many of the interesting contributions we receive while keeping the printed Handbook (just) under the size limit for economical postage.

The Handbook team (in this case, James Edgar and I) was called back from their well-earned winter break to update this page, but thanks are also due to Observing Committee Chair Chris Beckett did the lion's share of the work, and we were pleased to collaborate with him to finish the job.

eNews date: 
Friday, December 2, 2011