Remember IYA2009 and the Mi'kmaq sky story about Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters? Well, Muin is rising again! On 30 December 2011, new members of the Order of Canada were announced. Cheryl Bartlett, who worked closely with Mi’kmaq Elders to bring a significant component of Aboriginal astronomical knowledge into IYA2009 in Canada, was made a member of the Order of Canada.  The full list is at the link below, from which is copied Cheryl’s citation:

Cheryl Bartlett, C.M.
Sydney, Nova Scotia
 Member of the Order of Canada

“For her contributions to developing a new approach to integrating Mi’kmaq learning traditions into post-secondary science education.”

For more insight into ongoing legacies of First Nations components of IYA/BIYA, take a look at this short article by Jim Hesser for CASCA’s Winter Solstice edition of Cassiopeia:


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Tuesday, January 3, 2012