As part of the launch of the new RASC website, some member login names are being changed from a five-digit member ID to a personal name made up of the member's initials and last name. This will affect all members who have not changed their default login ID to a personal ID. To find out how to change your login you can check out a new video or visit

Q. Does this affect you?
A. If you have already changed your RASC ID from your five-digit membership ID to something personal (e.g. "Astroguy") then you will not be affected by this change and your personal ID will be preserved - login and check out the new website.
Q. What is the new "default" ID?
A. The new "default" ID is First Initial + Middle Initial + Lastname. For example, Edwin Robert Hubble would have an ID of ERHubble. If there is more than one person with your user ID then you will have a numeric suffix (e.g. ERHubble2).
Q. What is my password?
A. If you had a custom password before then it has not changed. If you have forgotten your password or never logged into the new RASC website you may need to do a password reset request at
Q. What if I'm having trouble with my password?
A. National Office staff and your Centre Administrators can update your login and password on the membership database. Please contact National Office during business hours to have them help you.

eNews date: 
Tuesday, November 1, 2011