Recently the RASC successfully obtained a grant from the Trottier Foundation.

The grant is $75,000 a year for three years. The money is to be used to hire a Youth Outreach Coordinator.

The job was posted Friday on the Charity Village website


Attracting younger people to join the Society has long been a challenge.

This new hire will be responsible for developing and running youth programs across the country.

The goal is to reach more young people and introduce them to astronomy.


Our centres are actively running excellent outreach programs and reach thousands of young people each year.

This coordinator position is meant to support these volunteers and share resources across all 28 centres.

We hope Centres will participate in this program as it is meant to be a national effort.


The position includes the following activities:


  • Conduct an inventory of current youth astronomy programming, activities and resources
  • Assess and identify best practices and materials to be used in a national youth astronomy program
  • Recruit a youth committee for program development, promotion and implementation
  • Develop RASC astronomy youth programming, educational materials and web content
  • Establish connections and long term relationships with local communities, schools etc
  • Disseminate and promote youth programs and resources to centres, members and the general public
  • Deliver national youth programming
  • Monitor and evaluate impact/effectiveness of the youth program
  • Develop partnerships with other youth /astronomy / science organizations to achieve program goals
  • Assess and evaluate outcomes

We hope to set aside time at the GA in Toronto next June to run training sessions with those interested in running these programs at their centres.

I am very excited about this project – it is the first time the Society has obtained a grant to hire a skilled individual to develop a specific national astronomy education program.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this program or are interested in participating in it.


J. Randy Attwood

Executive Director

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada






eNews date: 
Monday, August 20, 2018