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SSSP Web site ready for action!

After a long and cloudy winter and spring, we've finally found time to get the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party 2006 (SSSP'06) website up and running.

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Saskatoon LPA Victory!

Mission Ridge Country Estates, located in the RM of Aberdeen, requested advice on limiting light pollution since they were interested in creating a country atmosphere where estates were not lit up like living in the city.

As as result, they adopted, verbatim, recommendations we provided.

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First Light for RASC Remote Observing Project

It's two o'clock in the morning. I'm observing under clear skies and my throat is sore. But not because of the cold! No, I'm sitting at my desk at home in London, Ontario, with a mug of hot chocolate. The telescope I'm using is southeast of Tucson, Arizona, at the Jarnac Observatory. The reason my throat is sore is that I've just spent 133min on the phone with RASC member David H. Levy (Honorary President of both Montreal Centre and Kingston Centre; 1980 Chant Medal winner), learning about David's web-based interface for remote observing.

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Astronomy Blog Contest - Winners!

Congratulations go out to our Astronomy Blog Contest winners as chosen by our President, Mary-Lou Whitehorne:

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RASC General Assembly Registration Now Open!

The 2012 General Assembly Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that the registration for the 2012 General Assembly is now open!

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Historical Minutes Online

Old minutes now on-line!

Through a collaboration between Randy Attwood, Peter Jedicke, and James Edgar, National Council Minutes from the early years of the Society are now on-line.

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The Sky This Month - September 2008

Pegasus – The Winged Horse

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The Sky This Month - September 2007

The Winged Horse

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The Sky This Month - September 2009

The Teapot’s Starry Steam

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The Sky This Month - October 2008

Moving up the ecliptic

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