Some changes have been made in the Handbook this year which, it is believed, will commend themselves to observers.

In previous issues the times of sunrise and sunset have been given for a small number of selected places in the standard time of each place. On account of the arbitrary correction which must be made to the mean time of any place in order to get its standard time, the tables given for a particular place are of little use anywhere else, In order to remedy this the times of sunrise and sunset have been calculated for places on five different latitudes covering the populous part of Canada, (pages 10 to 21), while the way to use these tables at a large number of towns and cities is explained on pages 8 and 9.

The other chief change is in the addition of fuller star maps near the end. These are on a large enough scale to locate a star or planet or comet when its right ascension and declination are given. There are other minor improvements which, it is hoped, will be found generally useful. Suggestions are invited regarding further means of rendering the little book what it is intended to be, A Handbook for the Amateur.

The Editor is indebted to Mr. F. L. Blake, of the Toronto Meteorological Observatory; to Mr. R. M. Stewart, of the Dominion Astronomical Observatory, Ottawa; to Mr. A. B. Fennell, Toronto ; as well as to others whose names are stated in the course of the book.

The Editor. Toronto, December, 1911.

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