The Observer's Handbook for 1919.  Edited by C.A. Chant.

Eleventh year of publication.

Note: pages 1-2 and 31-32 were duplicated in the printed copy.


The Handbook for 1919 contains the same amount of matter as that for 1918, and is thus of rather less than half its usual size. The reduction was accomplished by omitting those portions which are not much altered from year to year, namely:—

Symbols and abbreviations.
Explanation of solar and sidereal time.
Times of sunrise and sunset.
Meteors and shooting stars.
Elements and satellites of the solar system.
List of double and variable stars.
The stars, their magnitudes, velocities, etc.
Maps and descriptions of the constellations.

These were given in volumes for past years, and any member who has not a copy containing them may obtain one free by addressing the Librarian, 198 College Street, Toronto. Included in them are maps of the constellations, and it is suggested that the positions of the planets given at the head of pages 6, 8..., be marked on the maps, thus giving the paths of the planets amongst the stars.

The war is now happily over, and it is proposed to issue the Handbook for 1920 in its former or even greater size; and those who use it will confer a favor by sending (in writing) suggestions as to improvements in the substance or arrangement of its contents.

The Editor wishes again to express his obligation to Mr. J. P. Henderson, M.A., his assistant in Astronomy at the University of Toronto, for material assistance in preparing this volume.The Editor. Toronto, December, 1918.

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