Edited by C.A. Chant.

Nineteenth Year of Publication.


In this issue of the Handbook several errors, which were pointed out by widely-distributed friends, have been corrected. These were chiefly in the tables headed “The Distances of the Stars” and “The Brightest Stars.”

The suggestion was received that a set of star-maps with brief descriptions of the constellations, such as at one time appeared in the Handbook, should be included again. It has not been found possible to do this, chiefly on account of the expense involved.

It may be stated that four circular star-maps, 9 inches in diameter, roughly for the four seasons, may be obtained from the Director of University Extension, University of Toronto, for one cent each; also a set of 12 circular maps, 5 inches in diameter, with brief explanation, is supplied by Popular Astronomy, Northfield, Minn., for 15 cents. Besides these may be mentioned Young’s Uranography, containing four maps with R.A. and Decl. circles and excellent descriptions of the constellations, price 72 cents; Norton’s Star Atlas and Telescopic Handbook (10s. 6d .); Olcott’s A Field-book of the Stars ($1.50); McKready’s A Beginner's Star Book ($5.00).

In the preparation of this Handbook the Editor has been assisted by Mr. R. M. Motherwell, Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, who computed the occultations of stars by the moon; Mr. J. A. Pearce, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Victoria, B.C.; Mr. R. M. Petrie, Victoria, B.C.; Mr. J. H. Horning, Toronto; and his colleague, Dr. R. K. Young, of the University of Toronto.

The times of the minima of Algol are given by Chandler’s formula corrected by –2h 50m. (see Preface to 1926 Handbook).

Toronto, December, 1926.       The Editor.

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