The Handbook for 1942 is the thirty-fourth issue. Its chief changes from that of last year a re : (1) On pages 17 to 23 the times of moonrise and moonset are given for each day of the year for four latitudes. This information has been prepared in response to a request from instructors in the Air Force; (2) A table of meteorological information for stations in Europe and Asia is given on page 3 of the cover.

In order to make room for the moonrise and moonset tables it has been necessary to omit the pages ordinarily devoted to Lunar Occultations, Variable Stars and Distances of the Stars. For the latter two subjects reference may be made to previous issues.

Four circular star maps, 9 inches in diameter, are obtainable from the Director of University Extension, University of Toronto, for one cent each. For fuller information reference may be made to Norton’s Star Atlas and Reference Handbook (Gall and Inglis, price 12s 6d; supplied also by Eastern Science Supply Co., Boston, Mass.). The seventh edition (1940) contains greatly extended lists of double and variable stars, and clusters and nebulae. For the preparation of this volume Dr. F. S. Hogg, Assistant Editor, is largely responsible; but hearty thanks are due to those whose names are mentioned in the book, especially to Miss Ruth J. Northcott and to other members of the staff of the David Dunlap Observatory for their assistance.

C. A. Chant.
David Dunlap Observatory,
Richmond Hill, Ont., December 1941.

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