THE OBSERVER’S HANDBOOK for 1960 is the 52nd issue. Two additions have been made: the range of change during the year of the longitude of the moon’s orbit and opposition ephemerides of the two brightest asteroids. Certain of the miscellaneous astronomical data and the section on time have been revised. The section on occultations has been extended to include stars of magnitude 5.3 or brighter.

Some changes in the form of the phenomena month by month and the phenomena of Jupiter’s satellites have been necessary as a result of the unification of the British Nautical Almanac and the American Ephemeris.

Cordial thanks are offered to those who assisted with the preparation of this volume, Barbara Gaizauskas, K. S. McCormick, Kulli Milles, Helge Mairo, Isabel Williamson and Dorothy Yane. Special thanks are due to Malcolm M. Thomson and R. W. Tanner and the Dominion Observatory for preparing the revisions to the section on time, to Gordon E. Taylor and the British Astronomical Association for the data on planetary appulses and occultations and to Margaret W. Mayall, Director of the A.A.V.S.O., for the predictions of the times of maxima of the long-period variables.

Our deep indebtedness to the British Nautical Almanac Office and to the American Ephemeris is thankfully acknowledged.

Ruth J. Northcott

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