Ottawa, Ontario,
February 28th, 1952.

Mr. John Galt,
Secretary, Toronto Centre,
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada,
43 Adelaide street, East,
Toronto, Ontario.

Dear Mr. Galt:
          The enclosed questionnaire on Canadian observatories,
issued at the request of the International Astronomical Union,
is self-explanatory.

             If the Society maintains an observatory or if you know
of any persons who maintain private observatories in the city
of Toronto it would be very much appreciated if you could have
them fill out one of these questionnaires and send it to me.

          Thanking you in advance for any attention that you may
be able to give to this request and with cordial personal good
wishes, I am,
                           Yours sincerely,

                           C. S. Beals,
                           Dominion Astronomer.

                              March 1, 1952

Mr. Bert Topham
1250 Castlfield Ave.
Toronto 10

Dr. C. S. Beals, National President of our Society,
and chairman of the National Committee for Canada of
the international Astronomical Union, has asked me
to provide him with information on private observatories
maintained by members of the Toronto Centre.

As I believe you are the only member of the Centre
whose telescope has permanent housing, I am sending you
a questionnaire form with a request, that you fill it in
and return it to me. I will then forward it, with some
other information from other members, to Dr. Beals.

It wi11 be appreciated if you will give this matter as
prompt attention as is convenient, as I understand a
meeting of the I.A.U. Canadian Committee is being held

With personal best wishes to yourself and congratulations
on the fine observational work you are doing, I am,

                              Yours sincerely

                              Frederic L. Troyer
flt:h                         President, Toronto Centre

[A two-page questionnaire follows...]

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