Peter Broughton

Toronto Centre member, active on National Council, author of Looking Up. Service Award 1987.

PETER BROUGHTON (1940-), the author of Looking Up received the Service Award in 1987. He is seated in the Society's Library at 136 Dupont Street—an appropriate pose as his first RASC post was as librarian. It was partly as a result of his experience with this fine library that he developed a special fondness for the history of astronomy.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)


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Broughton, Peter


Hi Peter, 

I am very much looking forward to your forthcoming book! I presume you have had access to the ~3 boxes of Plaskett's correspondence which were sent to the National Archives of Canada about 1990? These files were given to me when Joseph Pearce died in 1988, by Pearce's son, and after some editing by myself were sent to the archives in Ottawa.



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