Robert Clark

(1893-1972) Physicist and Vancouver Centre member.

ROBERT J. CLARK (1893-1972) was born in Vancouver, received his B.A. at McGill and his Ph.D. from Cambridge. He taught at Edinburgh University from 1926-31 and then at the Egyptian University, Cairo. Later Dr. Clark taught Physics for several years at the University of Saskatchewan before finally returning home to Vancouver in 1947. His primary responsibility at UBC was in managing the physics laboratory for fourth year honours students.

When Clark received the Service Award in 1962, it was noted that he had occupied all the offices of the Vancouver Centre, including ten years as Secretary. He took a special interest in the young members and managed both the telescope-making and observing sections of the Centre. For several years he generally opened each meeting with a 15 minute talk about some point of astronomy, followed by a brief description of the sky for the coming month.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)


Clark, Robert J.