Partial Results

These are the results I showed at the 1993 October 8 Kingston Centre meeting. I have only tabulated results for the yes/no type questions. Questions involving the respondent to estimate percentages, or give ideas, or other word-type answers, I did not analyze (too much work!). One exception is question 70B (what organizations do you contribute astronomical data to). Here I sifted through and tabulated the responses, since I was particularly interested in this question.—WM.

Note: the PDFs with the comments received for each question are available to Society members only.

Interim Report

Report from the survey committee.

Original Floppy Disk

The ZIP file contains all of the files from the original floppy disk distributed to Centres in 1993. The label on that floppy disk reads as follows:

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Membership Survey Raw Data, June 1993

PKZIP self-extracting archives

copy all files to hard drive
type "comment" to expand comment files,
or "question" for worksheets

Tip: to combine the large number of comment files by question (say, question 76 in the example below) type the following at the DOS prompt:

for %f in (c76a_*.) do type %f >> c76a.all