31 Scott Road
Oct 27th 41.

Dear Miss Northcott

      I enclose report of variable stars for month of October, you will notice that I have received charts from W. Campbell, & I figure I have enough to keep me busy for quite a while, yet it seems that once one gets the field in ones head, its easy picking.

My Saturday night's visit to the Dunlap Observatory was enjoyed by my friends and myself, but on seeing the Ring Nebulae of Lyra through the 74 inch, I expected to see it clearer than it was, looked to me kind of blurred. I suppose I am used to my own 3 inch where all is clear as crystal. I wondered what kind of questions one would get from the general public on viewing Mars. Sometimes I get disgusted at questions put to me on Astronomy. If people would only think they could answer them themselves. Among the charts are some of my old friends of Ursae Major also T Cephei all B charts that suit me fine; as soon as I have located the fields of the B charts I have of yours, I will return them, as I have made copies of them but like to locate them first from the blueprint. I have just V Mon to locate yet.

[page 2] I have made most of the fine weather in finding these new fields and have still about a dozen to locate, the Dipper is rather low down , but is OK at 3AM or I would have some of the Ursae Major on the list. So I guess this is all for this month.

Yours sincerely

Walter Vohman