Walter Jackson

(1880-1962) A specialist in terrestrial magnetism, and President of the Society (1922-23).

WALTER ERASTUS WEDDEL JACKSON (1880-1962) was born in Newmarket, Ontario. His mother's family name was Weddel; his father was Editor of the Newmarket Era. After attending local schools, he went to the University of Toronto where he received his B.A. in 1905 and M.A. in 1906. Even before graduating he joined the Meteorological Service in 1904 and the RASC in 1905. Jackson worked for a time at the Toronto Observatory, and made measurements of double stars and other observations with the 15-cm refractor. He then served as meteorologist with Captain Bernier in the first official Canadian explorations of the Arctic in 1908-09. This led to some papers in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada and an address to the RASC. His special area of expertise was in terrestrial magnetism, at that time a vital part of the Meteorological Service and in the course of his duties he travelled in Hudson Bay and Strait, worked at the Magnetic Observatory at Agincourt, Ontario, and established the Magnetic Observatory at Meanook, Alberta, in 1916. Jackson became Assistant Director of the Meteorological Service in 1929, and in 1936 was transferred to the Dominion Observatory in Ottawa where he was in charge of all the magnetic work done at Canadian observatories.

Within the RASC, he was especially active in the 1920s when he spoke at a number of meetings, published several papers and reports in the Journal and served as Vice-President and President. Other professional connections included membership in the International Meteorological Organization and the Geodetic and Geophysical Union.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

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Jackson, Walter E.W.