William Findlay

(1874-1953) Professor of Mathematics at McMaster University; Society President (1938-39).

WILLIAM FINDLAY (1874-1953) grew up on directly on to McMaster to get his B.A. and M.A. in Mathematics. Then followed three years at the University of Chicago culminating in his Ph.D., magna cum laude, in 1901. Findlay's teaching career began at Columbia University in New York where he tutored in mathematics from 1901 to 1905. At the same time he was Secretary of the American Mathematical Society. He then returned to McMaster where he became Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department until retirement in 1945. Findlay was also a devout churchman and held a number of positions including the Presidency of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec in 1942-43.

Findlay originally joined the RASC in 1907 but seems to have been inactive until the 1930s. He was elected to the Council of Hamilton Centre in 1931 and served as their President in 1934-35 before becoming Vice-President and President of the Society 1936-39. He came to Toronto for every general meeting and meeting of Council during these years, but delivered only two lectures himself. He did speak to meetings of the Hamilton Centre a few times and continued on the Centre Council until 1947.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

Further Reading

  • Mathematics and Astronomy, JRASC (March 1939)
  • Presidential Address, JRASC (March 1940)
Findlay, William