1868 Dec 1

Toronto Astronomical Society
Meeting Minutes - 1868 December 1

Of a meeting held Dec 1st 1868 in the Mechanics' Institute, to take into consideration the propriety of forming a society for the prosecution of Astronomical Science.

Present: Messrs Mungo Turnbull, Andrew Elvins, Daniel K. Winder, James L. Hughes, Samuel Clare, Robert Ridgway Charles Potter, G. Brunt.

On motion, Mr. Ridgway was appointed Chairman of the meeting, and Mr. Clare Secretary.

Moved by Mr. Elvins, seconded by Mr. Turnbull, that a society be formed under the name of "The Toronto Astronomical Club" having for its object the aiding of each other in the pursuit of astronomical knowledge;- in order to which it is proposed:-

  1. To meet monthly at such time and place as may be agreed upon
  2. To spend the evening somewhat as follows:-
    1. Reading extracts from papers or publications, of any thing new or otherwise interesting bearing on the subject of Astronomy.
    2. Reading original papers connected with any department of Astronomy.
    3. Examining anything new in Astronomical Science.
    4. Observing celestial objects if circumstances should favor our doing so.
    5. Conversation &c.

    Unanomously adopted

Moved by Mr. Turnbull and seconded by Mr. Potter, that Mr. Daniel K. winder be president for the ensuing year.

Moved by Mr. Elvins, and seconded by Mr. Hughes, that Mr. Samuel Clare be Secretary-Treasurer for the ensuring year.

Moved by Mr. Winder and seconded by Mr. Hughes that Messrs Ridgway, Elvins, Clare & Turnbull be a committee to draft a set of Bye-Laws for the government of the club.

Moved by Mr. Potter, seconded by Mr. Hughes, that the meetings be held on the first Tuesday evening of every month.

Moved by Mr. Winder, seconded by Mr. Brunt that the next meeting be held at the hosue of Mr. Elvins, on the first Tuesday in January 1869, at 7 o'clock p.m.

Paper to be read at next meeting by Mr. Turnbull, entitled "A brief notice of the past & present state of Optical Science, viewed chiefly in its bearing on Celestial discovery.

Mr. Winder gave notice of a paper to be read by him at a subsequent meeting on the "Spectroscope--its construction & application to Celestial Chemistry.

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