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Number Name Designation Discovery Discoverer Observatorysort descending
10077 Raykoenig 1989 UL1 1989-10-26 S. Ueda, H. Kaneda Kushiro
4843 Mégantic 1990 DR4 1990-02-28 Debehogne, H. La Silla
10052 Nason 1987 SM12 1987-09-16 H. Debehogne La Silla
10053 Noeldetilly 1987 SR12 1987-09-16 H. Debehogne La Silla
10047 Davidchapman 1986 QK2 1986-08-28 H. Debehogne La Silla
10045 Dorarussell 1985 RJ3 1985-09-06 H. Debehogne La Silla
10073 Peterhiscocks 1989 GJ2 1989-04-03 E. W. Elst La Silla
10062 Kimhay 1988 RV4 1988-09-01 H. Debehogne La Silla
9631 Hubertreeves 1993 SL6 1993-09-17 Elst, E.W. La Silla
5311 Rutherford 1981 GD1 1981-04-03 Gilmore, A.C. & Kilmartin, P.M. Lake Tekapo


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