1890s Circular APST

Circular of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto (APST).

The exact year of issue is not known.




Cha[r]les Carpmael Esq., M.A., F.R.A.S.,

Director Toronto Observatory,         President.

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Wolsingham Oby Report



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Great Comet of 1882?

R.A. Rosenfeld (RASC Archivist) and Clark Muir (KW Centre)

Unidentified comet in starfield, anon., late 19th-early 20th century. Watercolours on black paper. 6.5''x7.69''. There are no annotations on the image or the page on which it is mounted to aid in the identification of either the comet, or the artist, and no details of the instrument used (if any), or the circumstances of the observation. The image is quite competently done, and is comparable to similar Victorian and Edwardian images of comets.

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Canadian Eclipse Party 1869

For more formats, visit the gutenberg.org page for this book: Canadian Eclipse Party 1869.

Note: this is a work of the mid-Victorian era, and some of the social views expressed by the author are unacceptable today. The RASC does not condone such views. This work is made available here for the benefit of researchers interested in the scientific results of the expedition. 

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Sun 18920727

The Sun, photographed on Wednesday 1892 July 27th at 1:20 p.m. by J.R. Connon of Elora, Ontario.

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Sun 18920729-7pm

The Sun, as photographed on 1892 July 29th at 7 p.m. by J.R. Connon.

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Sun 18920730

The Sun, setting behind the ridge of a roof on 1892 July 30th at 7:17 p.m. Photo by J.R. Connon.

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Sunspot 18901130

A sunspot as seen on 1890 November 30th, as sketched by A.F. Miller.

This was scanned from the original at RASC national office.

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The Sun, photographed by David E. Hadden of Alta, Iowa.

Note: Writing from the back of the photo was added to the front in this electronic reproduction of the original.—WM.

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Sun 18941110

The Sun, photographed on 1894 November 10th at 2:57 p.m. by J.R. Connon of Elora, Ontario.

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