Richard Tanner

RASC Gold Medal winner (1948) and Dominion Observatory astronomer.

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Ann. Mtg. 1960

This Annual Meeting plus special two-day meeting was referred to as The General Assembly and "At Home."  Unlike the earlier 1959 gathering and those held in subsequent years, it was split into two seperate events (in March and April) held in two cities, Toronto and Montreal.

  • Announcment
  • Information for members
  • Program
  • Map of Montreal
  • Information on Accomodation
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Gaherty - Totality 19630720 #3

Totality as seen through the clouds.  Photo by Geoff Gaherty.

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Eclipse, Lunar - 1963-12-30

A total lunar eclipse visible from North America.

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Geoffrey Bell

(1899-1982) A Paris, Ontario member and noted solar observer.

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PZT Visit #2

Instamatic camera photo by Chris Gainor.

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PZT Visit #1

Visiting the Photographic Zenith Telescope. Instamatic camera photo by Chris Gainor.

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RASC National Office

The RASC's headquarters has moved around Toronto over the years:

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Eclipse, Solar - 19630720

A number of RASC members took part in an expedition by train to Wivenhoe, Manitoba to view this eclipse; many others observed from Québec.

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Stan Mott

Longtime Ottawa Centre member, Librarian, eclipse chaser, meteor observer. Service Award 1980.

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